Masked Ford Volunteers bagging groceries outside of the Detroit Resource Center


At Ford Fund, we recognize that essential services like food, healthcare and transportation are interrelated and interconnected; that losing access to just one of these can have a cascading and devastating impact on a person, a family and a community.

We work on the ground with nonprofits and local community leaders to co-create solutions that help address economic disparities and are responsive to unique community needs.

Ford Resource and Engagement Centers

Ford Resource and Engagement Centers are a Ford Fund innovation that brings nonprofits, residents and leaders together to support their neighborhoods. Since 2013, we have developed a global network of these facilities, with locations in Southwest Detroit and on the city’s East side, as well as in Craiova, Romania; Pretoria, South Africa; and Bangkok, Thailand – each one is unique in how it reflects the needs and culture of the community it serves.

Man standing outside of a Ford Transit van wrapped with Kare branding

Motor City Kares

Through our partnership with Delta Dental of Michigan and mobile dentistry provider Kare Mobile, we are leveraging the power of mobility to increase access to dental care and entrepreneurship. By converting two Ford Transit vans into mobile dental units, two independent organizations, My Community Dental Centers and Hygiene on Wheels, are now providing critically-needed dental care services to under-resourced communities in Southwest Detroit and Corktown.

Disaster Relief and Recovery

In the wake of a natural disaster, it is often the most vulnerable communities that are the hardest hit. An organized and well-resourced response is vital to unlocking access to goods and services that are essential for health and safety.

At Ford Fund, we coordinate the company’s efforts to mobilize our employee volunteer network and donate funds, equipment and other critical resources when disasters strike.

We work with aid organizations, community leaders, Ford dealers and nonprofits to understand the unique issues communities face and help connect people with resources and support needed. 

Ford F-150 parked at a site of the kentucky Tornados