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First-person stories from people impacted by Ford Fund

Update: Earthquake Relief for Turkey and Syria

Two people dressed in layers are unloading boxes from the back of a truck with snow on the ground, snow-covered mountains in the background, while directional highway signs and roads are visible.

The massive earthquakes and aftershocks that hit Turkey and Syria have led to tragic consequences for the people in the region. Ford and Ford Fund continue to answer the call for humanitarian assistance by working closely with emergency response organizations, nonprofit partners, local Ford dealers and regional team members to deliver support to the affected areas.

Ford employees around the world have made donations through the Ford Fund and GlobalGiving Disaster and Crisis Relief Donation Page. As of Feb. 27, the employee donation total was an astounding $92,367.76. In recognition of employee donations almost reaching the $100,000-mark, Ford Fund will match these donations with an additional $100,000.

Working with their international grant-making partner GlobalGiving, Ford Fund has also committed to provide $200,000 towards the costs of tents and other essential supplies. This will bring the total amount Ford Fund has activated in relief efforts to $300,000.

Additional Financial Donations:

• Ford Otosan Craiova has proceeded with a cash donation activation in the plant and the union has also provided a substantial donation reaching a joint total of 100,717 RON/over $21,750 USD.

More than a dozen people packing boxes, moving donations inside a gym with a basketball court

In-Kind Employee Donation Drives (Europe):

• Task forces including Ford Fund, Material Planning and Logistics Europe, UK and German Ford Locations, the Ford Freizeit Organisation, Ford Pro Special Vehicles, Turkish Resource Group and Customs and MS-RT are kicking off large scale employee in-kind donation collection of essential items including clothing, sleeping bags, blankets and heaters which will run through to 3rd March in UK and 10th in Germany.
• Non-profit, Rotary, has set up an in-kind donation hub in Essex, UK. Goods collected here will be added to the employee in-kind donation collection currently underway.

Male in fluorescent yellow safety jacket leans down from a truck bed to hand an AFAD box to one of a trio standing around the truck

Aid Delivered to Turkey:

• Product Supply: More than 20,000 products delivered, including blankets, clothes, heaters, generators, sleeping bags, household appliances and more.
• Food: 280,000 units bread, water, canned food and dry food aid was delivered to the regions affected.
• Vehicle Dupport and Donation: 10 Transit donated to AFAD (Turkish Disaster Relief Authority). 9 Ranger and 18 FO volunteers continue to work on a rotating basis in the field to deliver goods to remote locations. Upon the request of the Ministries, logistical support was provided for the aid to Hatay and Kahramanmaraş.
• Health: Field hospital (two doctors and three nurses) and ambulance (two ambulance drivers and one nurse) supported health services in the region. Health supplies, medicines and medical supplies were delivered to the region.
• Search and Rescue: 25 people from FOKE (Ford Otosan Search and Rescue Team) supported the efforts in the field for one week and rescued 11 people from under the rubbles.
• Providing Shelter: Immediately after the earthquake our dealer showrooms were turned into shelters and welcomed the community providing food and shelter. Also, 91 tents, 14 containers and 14 Avis Caravans were delivered and are currently in use by earthquake victims located near our dealer showrooms.
• Ford Otosan has shipped 41 long haul trucks and 7 Transit full of equipment to the region.

Two trucks filled with full pallets. One soft side pulled back to see the cargo, one with visible wording Ford GELECGI BUGUNDEN YAS. Six people ready to unload trucks

Upcoming Aid:

• Product Supply: Heaters (1,576 units), house equipment (4,100 units of beds, couches, blankets and more) and sleeping bags (more than 11,500 purchased from Norway with FoE support) will be delivered to the earthquake regions.
• Shelter: 265 tents and 192 containers will be delivered to the earthquake regions as soon their production is completed.

Three black, one white, three cyber orange Rangers parked side by side in a parking lot

Continuous Action:

• Ford Turkey performs free periodic maintenance of ambulances in the earthquake regions. It also provides free roadside assistance and truck services to vehicles in the area.
• Ford Trucks provide free service of fire brigades and cranes operating in the region.