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Driving Change: How Minority-Formed and Led EVHybridNoire is Transforming Sustainable Transportation

This February, we celebrate Black leaders and Black-led organizations throughout Black History Month. The once week-long event became a month-long celebration in 1976, as a time to honor the legacy and contributions of African Americans.

At Ford Fund, we are amplifying the work of our partner organizations by showcasing their past, present and vision for the future. Meet Ford Fund partner Terry Travis, Co-founder and Director of EVHybridNoire. Ford Fund sponsors EVHybridNoire’s E-Mobility Fellowship Program, a program that provides engagement and training on the key elements of e-mobility and infrastructure and addresses key questions throughout the e-mobility industry.

Q: Terry, what is EVHybridNoire?
A: EVHybridNoire is the largest network of diverse electric vehicle (EV) drivers and enthusiasts. Minority-formed and led, our mission is to advance multimodal (a combination of different transportation modes often in a single trip) zero-emission vehicle adoption, and clean transportation solutions. Our team drives mobility research, policymaker education, and the National E-Mobility Equity Conference, while also fostering workforce development, equitable charging infrastructure access, public engagement via, innovative financing, and the Ford Fund-backed E-Mobility Fellowship Pipeline Program.

Text: We envision a transportation ecosystem that reflects and serves the rich diversity of our nation. Terry Travis, Co-founder and Director of EVHybridNoire on left with image of African American male with goatee, ocean blue suit jacket, white dress shirt and navy with light blue stripes tie on right.

Q: What inspired you to start EVHybridNoire?
A: Simply put, we saw a huge gap in the EV space. As long-time EV drivers, we identified a crucial need to address key challenges surrounding mobility and sustainability. Our vision extended beyond mere advocacy; we aimed to foster a supportive community, providing a platform to elevate awareness regarding the myriad benefits of multimodal EV adoption (e.g., financial and public health).

Q: What drives your mission?
A: Several factors drive our mission including public health, workforce, and economic development opportunities, and addressing the transportation burden.

Q: Can you tell us about the E-Mobility Fellowship Program?
A: Our year-long curriculum provides each cohort with training on the key elements of multimodal e-mobility and infrastructure. It addresses key questions throughout the e-mobility industry, in addition to creating opportunities for critical analysis on how to address specific policy problems. After the fellowship, students are paired with industry internships which lead to opportunities to embark on a career path in the e-mobility sector. At program completion, fellows will receive an e-mobility certification. This certification demonstrates that the graduate has a broad understanding of the many facets of the e-mobility ecosystem and is well prepared to take on leadership roles in the nascent industry.

Q: What inspires you about your partnership with Ford Fund?
A: We are deeply inspired by our partnership with Ford Fund. Beyond our fellowship program, there are clear synergies between Ford Fund and EVHybridNoire in our efforts to utilize e-mobility best practices and e-mobility diversity, equity and inclusion to accelerate a just transition.

Q: How can Ford employees and the community support your work?
A: Ford employees can enhance our E-mobility Fellowship Program by mentoring our fellows and sharing industry expertise. Additionally, they can facilitate networking, connecting fellows with industry professionals and resources for future careers in sustainable mobility.