Ford Motor Company Fund is the corporate foundation and philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen communities and help make people’s lives better. 

Working with Ford employees, dealers and nonprofit partners, we provide access to opportunities and resources that help people reach their full potential.


Our Priorities

We support Ford’s vision of becoming the world’s most trusted company by investing in programs that: 

Our work across these four areas is rooted in Ford’s long-standing commitment to making a positive impact on society and builds on Henry Ford’s legacy of helping create strong communities wherever Ford does business.

Our Reach

Since 1949, Ford Fund has invested more than $2 billion to strengthen communities and make people’s lives better in over 50 countries around the world.

But our commitment goes far beyond writing checks.

Whether we are feeding the hungry, mentoring social entrepreneurs, supporting multicultural initiatives or helping communities rebuild in the wake of natural disasters, we personally connect at a grassroots level with Ford dealers and other partners to help people in need. 


How We Work

Our approach – which we call Operation Better World – involves forming strategic partnerships at the local, national and global level. Our roots run deep in the nonprofit community, with relationships built over decades, allowing us to understand local needs and develop programs that are more impactful and relevant to the communities we serve.

Working with hundreds of nonprofits worldwide, we use a variety of tools to advance our mission, including:

Signature programs: While we support numerous programs each year, we’ve created a handful of signature initiatives that we replicate in multiple countries around the world.

Volunteer support and expertise: The Ford Volunteer Corps – a global network of Ford employees and retirees who volunteer their time for community service projects – brings skill, enthusiasm and teamwork to nonprofits, helping to get essential jobs done while the organizations focus on serving people in need.

Social impact investing: We provide eligible nonprofits or social enterprises – businesses with a social purpose – access to capital in the form of investment loans. Our goal is to help organizations achieve sustainability and scale, while generating their own financial returns, as they work to address societal issues.

Grants: We award grants to organizations and initiatives that support our key areas of focus. To learn more about what we support and do not support click here.

Click here to view a list of current programs and available opportunities.


Annual Report

To learn more about the work Ford Fund is doing to strengthen communities and make people’s lives better around the world, view our 2020 Annual Report.

To view previous reports, Click Here

2020 Annual Report

Ford Motor Company and Ford Fund are completely separate entities from the Ford Foundation in New York. Ford has no control of the Ford Foundation’s grant-making policies or decisions.

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