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Two young ladies, one sitting, one standing, speaking in sign language to each other while smiling

23 August 2017
A growing number of businesses and communities are working to bridge the gap between hearing and deaf and hard-of-hearing people…

Man looking at the Good Turn app on his phone

18 July 2017
GoodTurn app makes nonprofits more mobile

Man in suit taking selfie with a classroom full of kids

07 June 2017
Nonprofits, companies join to lift kids through reading programs

Man in foreground with view of computer code on a screen and phone

07 June 2017
Functioning society needs more literate workers

Young adult female and young girl looking at a paper in hand

07 June 2017
Empowering educators to build a stronger, smarter future

Someone's hand holding a green iPod on the music screen

23 May 2017
Ford volunteers take part in a growing trend for treating hospice patients

10 May 2017
How 15 teen driving deaths in 15 months spurred a community into action

25 April 2017
Design thinking helps millennials grow: Ford’s Thirty Under 30 reflects on past class, looks forward to future

Young adult helping over student's shoulder in a classroom setting

30 November 2016
Ford makes STEAM Lab Curriculum available for classroom use

Students and young adult standing over a table filled with post-it notes while using a laptop computer

21 October 2016
It’s been called a hiring crisis in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. A study by Georgetown University…

Three students looking into a teachers hands while in a greenhouse showing purple flowers in the foreground

21 October 2016
Career academy drives pupil to her passion

Young women working on a automobile assembly line

21 October 2016
Teachers + companies = new school answers

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