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Empowerment Plan Matching Campaign

Sleeping bag coats provide warmth and jobs in these difficult times

DETROIT — Ford Fund is matching up to $25,000 in donations to Empowerment Plan. The funds will go directly towards the manufacturing and donation of EMPWR Sleeping Bag Coats for the homeless. The EMPWR Sleeping Bag Coat can be used as a regular winter coat, converted into a sleeping bag, or rolled into an over-the-shoulder pack.

Two people at sewing table with garments
Two Empowerment Plan employees construct multi-use coats. Photo courtesy of Empowerment Plan

Since 2012, Empowerment Plan has produced and distributed more than 43,000 coats across all 50 states and 20 other countries. Empowerment Plan is a nonprofit organization that combats homelessness in two critical ways—providing full-time employment and support services for single parents experiencing homelessness and producing durable, weather-resistant sleeping bag coats, which are distributed to the chronically homeless in the community. The coats not only provide warmth and shelter for those in need, but they provide hope, independence and financial stability to those who make them.

If you would like to donate and help the Empowerment Plan, please click here