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Ford Fund, Metro Atlanta Ford Dealers Deliver for Extra Special People

Ford continues Driving a Brighter Future with Transit donation

Extra Special People's Ford Transit minibus lift raising child in wheelchair

WATKINSVILLE, Ga. — A happy group of young people enjoyed a ride aboard a new wheelchair-accessible 2018 Ford Transit minibus that will be taking them to camps, schools and other extracurricular events and activities. Ford Motor Company Fund and Akins Ford donated the minibus to Extra Special People (ESP), a community organization that provides after-school and family support programs for children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

The donation is the latest in the Ford Driving a Brighter Future initiative that began in the Atlanta area in 2015. To date seven vehicles have been provided to seven organizations that focus on youth engagement programs in the Metro Atlanta area. In addition to the chance to win a vehicle donation, all organizations that are proposed by the Atlanta dealers can also apply for a matching $6,000 contribution from Ford Fund and Atlanta Metro Ford Dealers to support their programming needs.

Extra Special People client in wheelchair with Ford Fund volunteer

"The coordinated efforts of Ford Fund and all 21 Atlanta Metro Ford Dealers are a powerful example of how working together to engage the community and address important needs can help make people’s lives better," said Benna Deese, manager, Global Development, Ford Motor Company Fund. "We know that a company is only as strong as the community where its employees and customers live and work."

Research shows that young people get bored when they have nothing to do and are more vulnerable to potentially troublesome peer pressure. The risks are minimized when there are opportunities for them to participate in activities with people their own age and positive role models, who can help them learn important life skills, develop healthy lifestyles and build relationships. The ultimate goal is to help them build a foundation for a brighter future.

Extra Special People group beside their Ford Transit mini bus