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Women Drivers in Bangkok Participate in Ford Driving Skills for Life

Ford Thailand hosts advanced driving program exclusively for women drivers

Bangkokian females position their hands as if on a steering wheel inFord Driving Skills for Life class

BANGKOK, Thailand — Ford Thailand recently held Ford Driving Skills for Life sessions designed exclusively for women. More than 100 drivers participated in the free event, which included a mix of classroom learning and hands-on driving experience. The women were given instructions on safe, defensive and fuel-efficient driving by a team of skilled professionals.

This exclusive Ford Driving Skill for Life training also included driver simulations for the participants with suits developed by Ford Motor Company for the program. Ford's 'drunk suit' helps to simulate the experience of driving while movement, coordination and alertness are impaired. A 'maternity suit' allowed participants to experience the physical difficulties that women experience during pregnancy, helping educate them on safe and comfortable driving practices.

This year marks the 12th year that Ford has provided its DSFL training in Thailand. To date, more than 12,000 drivers have participated in DSFL training sessions in Thailand.