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Ford Global Caring Month

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Ford Global Caring Month was established in 2015 to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Ford Volunteer Corps. Occurring annually each September, the month allows for concentrated worldwide impact made by Ford employee volunteers. In addition to volunteers planning and coordinating the projects themselves, Ford Fund provides grants to nonprofits to buy tools and supplies needed to complete many of the activities.

Over the past two years, as COVID-19 disrupted life around the world, Ford employees continued to safely serve their communities. In 2021, projects were held in 34 countries and more than $700,000 USD was invested in grant funding to 149 employee-nominated nonprofits.

2022 Grant Nominations

Applications are closed for the 2022 Ford Volunteer Corps' Global Caring Month. Please refer to the program timeline for additional details on the review and approval process of applications. This year Ford Fund will award two forms of grants to support the program and they are both outlined below.

Volunteer Project Grants – Ford Fund will provide up to $10,000 USD to nongovernmental organizations to buy tools and supplies for in-person Ford Volunteer Corps projects that will take place during the month of September.
Gratitude Grants – Up to $10,000 USD to an employee-nominated nonprofit or nongovernmental organization to help sustain or expand efforts to serve the community. Gratitude Grants are open to both new and currently vetted organizations.

All grant proposals will be reviewed and selected by the Ford Motor Company Fund team and then referred to Global Giving, Ford Fund’s international grant making partner. Final decisions are expected by the end of June and grants will be awarded in August.

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Global Caring Month Timeline Global Caring Month Timeline April-September

Safety Guidelines

Ford employees must comply with local market regulations and safety protocol, including COVID-19 restrictions to join in-person volunteer projects. In addition, they must check with their local HR representative to ensure the volunteer project is compliant with local company guidelines.

If in-person volunteer activities are canceled due to unexpected COVID-19 closures, approved Volunteer Project Grants will revert to a Gratitude Grant. The NGO or nonprofit organization must notify GlobalGiving, Ford Fund’s global grantmaking partner, of the canceled activity to ensure the nonprofit still receives the grant.

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