Masked Ford Volunteers bagging groceries outside of the Detroit Resource Center

Connecting to Critical Services and Care

Access to food, quality healthcare, transportation, education and economic opportunity is a critical component to building thriving communities. Working alongside members of the communities we serve, we meet urgent needs and create pathways for growth to ensure individuals and families are set up to thrive, not simply survive. Below are examples of some of the ways we provide critical services and care for communities.

Ford Resource and Engagement Centers

Ford Resource and Engagement Centers are a Ford Fund innovation that bring nonprofits, residents and leaders together to support their neighborhoods. Since 2013, we have developed a global network of these facilities – each one unique in how it reflects the needs and culture of the community it serves.

Side view of a Ford Pickup parked in inches of water while man wearing waders has his back to the camera while getting something from the back seat

Disaster Relief and Recovery

Ford and Ford Fund have a long history of supporting communities impacted by natural disasters around the world. As a member of the American Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, we contribute $500,000 each year to help ensure the organization is prepared to respond immediately to emergencies worldwide.

We provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to meet community-specific needs in the wake of large-scale disasters every year – working in conjunction with local nonprofits, Ford employees, dealers, and aid organizations that specialize in recovery and rebuilding efforts.