Thirty Under 30

2019 Class of Fellows: Community and Neighborhood Development

Ford’s Thirty Under 30 is a yearlong course in leadership and civic engagement that matches nonprofits with Ford employees under age 30 in the U.S., Canada and for the first time - Mexico.

Back row (L-R): Cameron Merritt, Marketing, Sales and Service; Robert Collard, Mobility Solutions; John Hagermanfletcher, Engineering; Ashmita Randhawa, Marketing, Ford of Canada; Jabari Brooks, Information Technology; Anthony Villano, Research and Advanced Engineering; Keith Clark, Manufacturing; Mujadded Qureshi, Product Development Middle row (L-R): Alexandra Hippen, Product Development; Dadrien Barnes, Human Resources; Erin Rose Briggs, Product Development; Maria Xenos, Marketing, Ford of Canada; Alexandra Brekke, Marketing; Kristina Diduck, Marketing, Ford of Canada; Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford; Marisa Zelip, Research and Advanced Engineering; Michael Jones, Product Development; Andrew Pozniak, Product Development; Nizar El Amrani, Ford Motor Credit Company, Ford of Canada; Reinald Deda, Quality Front row (L-R): Brianna Krus, Human Resources; Sarah Miller, Product Development; Julia Marcu, Finance, Ford of Canada; KaiLi Xie, Finance; Faith Henderson, Information Technology; Lindsey Mason, Global Data, Insight and Analytics; Rachel Cyranski, Purchasing; Claire Gembrowski, Purchasing; Roshini Venkatesh, Engineering; Elyssa Kopke, Engineering; Luree Brown, Manufacturing

(L-R): Juan Navarro Ortiz, Product Development, Ford of México; Alba Bautista Aguilar, Product Development, Ford of México; Renata Palomino Robles, Communications, Ford of México; Itzel Garrido Ambriz, Ford Credit, Ford of México; Ernesto Meza Medina, Product Development, Ford of México

Who We Work With

Central Detroit Christian Community Development logo

Central Detroit Christian Community Development (CDC)

Detroit, Mich. — serves the community by working alongside partner churches, supporters and foundation to help neighbors get into affordable homes, learn new skills to get a job and provide assistance during a crisis.

Proposed solution — Create new youth programming specifically focused on the middle school age group, which will help to shape the lives of young adolescent members of the community that Central Detroit Christian supports. With middle school being a pivotal time for support and development, programming would include courses in math and science, and offer a safe space for teenagers to gather, learn and grow together.

Fellows — Jabari Brooks, Erin Rose Briggs, Brianna Krus, Sarah Miller, Marisa Zelip

Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation logo

Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation

Detroit, Mich. — organizes a wide range of community improvement programs designed to help their community in northwest Detroit prosper as a place to live, work and play.

Proposed solution — Develop a new leadership board dedicated to young professionals that would address issues brought forward by the organization. This new board will bring a diverse age group to the table that can lend a different perspective on program development and committee succession planning. Members will have the opportunity to lend their voices to neighborhood decisions, and also grow their philanthropic and professional skills.

Fellows — Keith Clark, Rob Collard, Andrew Pozinak, Kaili Xie, Claire Gembrowski

Habitat for Humanity-Huron Valley logo

Habitat for Humanity-Huron Valley

Ann Arbor, Mich. — works to enrich Washtenaw County through a legacy of affordable home ownership for low-income families.

Proposed solution — Establish a new community center that offers free or low-cost programming. This center would engage community members by providing a collaborative, inclusive space that encourages working together to foster a safer neighborhood.

Fellows — Dadrien Barnes, Elyssa Kopke, Reinald Deda, Rachel Cyranski, Cameron Merritt



Detroit, Mich. — has a mission to restore dignity and provide hope to the residents of Regent Park, a northeast Detroit neighborhood.

Proposed solution — Introduce new technology for residents that includes improved street lighting and video doorbells to create a safer neighborhood environment. These new features complement current programming and will improve neighborhood walkability, community engagement and create peace of mind among residents.

Fellows — Luree Brown, John Hagermanfletcher, Alexandra Hippen, Lindsey Mason, Roshini Venkatesh

The Neighbourhood Organization logo

The Neighbourhood Organization

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — is a community-based, multi-service agency that provides a wide range of community services to support low-income, marginalized and newcomer communities across Toronto.

Proposed solution — Create a mentorship program that provides a network of support for current and past residents of the Thorncliffe neighborhood. With 70% of the population being newcomers and refugees, this program would engage residents, promote inclusiveness and help people create positive relationships that could lead to a sense of belonging for both youth and mentors.

Fellows — Kristina Diduck, Ashmita Randhawa, Julia Marcu, Maria Xenos, Nizar El Amrani

Urban Neighborhood Initiatives logo

Urban Neighborhood Initiatives

Detroit, Mich. — works with the community based in the Springwells area of southwest Detroit to build safe and thriving environments that meet the communities’ needs.

Proposed solution — Create a database that will allow landowners to identify, restore and maintain neglected properties in the neighborhood. This database will help reduce crime, increase property values and build a sense of ownership within the community.

Fellows — Alexandra Brekke, Michael Jones, Faith Henderson, Mujadded Qureshi, Tony Villano

Techo logo


Mexico City, Mexico — an organization present in 19 countries of Latin America, which seeks to overcome the situation of poverty that millions of people live in settlements, through the joint action of its inhabitants and young volunteers.

Proposed solution — Create an online tool that will provide TECHO the opportunity to understand their volunteers. This tool will help the organization develop volunteers and match their unique talents for skill-based projects. The network is a way for the nonprofit to optimize time, resources and energy to create more meaningful change in communities.

Fellows — Juan Navarro Ortiz, Alba Bautista Aguilar, Renata Palomino Robles, Itzel Garrido Ambriz, Ernesto Meza Medina